January 21, 2020

About RSVP

The mission of the City of Miles City RSVP is to engage persons 55 and older in volunteer service to meet critical  community needs; and to provide a high-quality experience that will enrich the lives of volunteers.

RSVP in A Minute – Take a look at what RSVP has accomplished!


City of Miles City RSVP is dedicated to meeting critical needs of each community it serves, regardless of the volunteer’s gender, religion, creed, income, ethnic or national origin, political affiliation, physical challenge, or age.

To become a member, you must be willing to:

  1. Complete a Volunteer Application form
  2. Complete background checks (if applicable)
  3. Attend all required and ongoing training(s)
  4. Capable of performing all position requirements
  5. Uphold RSVP & volunteer station policies & procedures

After you return the completed Volunteer Application form, RSVP staff will work with you to find a suitable and exciting volunteer assignment based on your needs and interests. To remain an active member, RSVP must receive your volunteer hours from your volunteer assignment workstation every month.


In addition to the many wonderful personal benefits you will receive from volunteering, RSVP offers many greats services:

  1. We connect you to meaningful volunteer opportunities which match your talents, interests, and schedule.
  2. You become a member of a national organization which demonstrates the impact of volunteers in our communities.
  3. You receive personal service and ongoing support from dedicated staff as you volunteer.
  4. While on your volunteer assignment, you will be covered by supplemental accident, personal liability, and excess automobile insurance beyond your own coverage, at no cost to you.
  5. You’ll receive quarterly RSVP notes, our quarterly newsletters with program news, volunteer opportunities and more.
  6. You’ll receive special invites to City of Miles City RSVP volunteer recognition events, volunteer trainings, and other special event opportunities.


There are many ways volunteers are connected to volunteer assignments; through RSVP or volunteer station recruitment efforts, word-of-mouth, family, and friends. RSVP works with each volunteer and volunteer station to ensure a volunteer is placed where they will get the most fulfillment.  We will work closely with you to find the best assignment possible and will help you find another assignment if you are dissatisfied with your current placement.

RSVP works with a number of organizations all with specific goals and projects to address federal requirements and community needs. Some of those services include:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Food Banks
  • Veterans Transportation
  • Rural Veteran Support
  • Capacity Building

Volunteer assignments are made according to volunteers’ skills and interests and the needs of the volunteer stations. It is important to note that volunteers do not take away the jobs of paid employees. Rather they supplement existing staff and enrich and enhance the organization’s services in the community.


A volunteer station may be a public, nonprofit, proprietary health care facility or other community organization that is working collectively to address community needs. A volunteer station calls on volunteers to serve with their organization to address the needs. City of Miles City RSVP partners with these agencies based on a written Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This agreement outlines program requirements and working relationships between RSVP and the volunteer station and helps ensure that RSVP members will have a positive and productive volunteer experience.