October 18, 2019

RSVP Welcomes New Advisory Council Members

The Advisory Council elected officers at their regular meeting held on June 20, 2012.  Newly elected RSVP Advisory Council officers are Gail Price, secretary and Mike Bissell, vice-chair.  Lorretta Rebsom was elected to a second term as chairperson.

It is an honor to announce the names of the newest members of the RSVP Advisory Council.

Mike Bissell, director of St. Vincent DePaul store has experience working with volunteer personnel.  Mike’s hobbies are fishing, hunting, woodworking, walking, and family.  Mike’s previous volunteer experience is as a board member for St. Vincent DePaul and the Custer County Food Bank.

Becky Stanton joined RSVP in the fall of 2011 after reading about a volunteer opportunity to be a bell ringer for the Salvation Army.  As a bell ringer Becky helped the Salvation Army earn over $5600 during the holiday season.  Becky’s enjoys golfing, horseback riding and fly fishing. 

We look forward to their leadership, commitment, and individual expertise.  To learn more about the RSVP Advisory Council click here.