December 16, 2017

July 2016 Meeting Minutes

Advisory Council Meeting – 7/20/2016

Present:  Mary Partridge, Al Olson, Betty Vail, Cindy Erickson, Dee McLellan, Becky Stanton, Delores Cameron

Mary opened the meeting and Delores Cameron introduced herself to the group.  She is thinking about becoming an advisory council member.

Cindy moved and Al seconded a motion to approve the minutes as presented.

Committee Reports:

Resource Development:  RSVP will be hosting a jewelry fundraiser on Saturday Oct 15th at the Art Center from 10am-1pm.  The cost to attend will be $10/ person with finger foods and punch served.  Donations, sponsorships and consignment were discussed.  The resource committee will meet again on August 4th at noon on the 4th floor of the VA.

Governance: No Report

Days of Service: Harvest for Seniors will be on 9/10/2016.  Becky Stanton will be in charge.  Council members signed up to help.

Volunteer Support: none

Old Business: Ice Cream Shoppe – Betty will email the schedule to those that signed up to help.  Postcard reminders are ready and will be sent out soon.

New Business: October 7-8 will be the fall cleanup of our section of the road. On Friday clean-up will start at 8 am at the Veteran’s Cemetery. On Saturday, clean-up will start at 9 am from Friendship Villa.

Directors Report:  The final year-end report for FY 15/16 was handed out.  See attached.  Betty will do a letter to the editor about the volunteers and hours served.   Sloppy Joes will be made and served to the 4-H kids after they complete the clean-up day at the fairgrounds August 9th.  Sloppy Joes will also be made for the Veterans Stand down event on September 10th.  Delores and Becky will make donate them. Harvest for Seniors is also September 10th and the sign up was passed around.

Cindy moved and Dee seconded a motion to make an exception to the by-laws so that Mary can serve more than 2 terms.  By laws changes will be done in October.

Dee moved and Al seconded a motion for Tara to remain as Vice Chair.

Cindy moved and Becky seconded a motion for Andi to be the secretary.

Dee moved and Becky seconded a motion for Mary to serve as chair.

Betty has conflicts in September and October so we will consolidate the meeting and meet on September 28th.

Delores observed and decided to join the counsel.

Respectfully submitted

Andi Gardner