December 16, 2017

July Meeting Minutes

RSVP Advisory Council Meeting

July 17, 2013

First Interstate Bank
12:05 p.m.
Attending: Betty Vail, Carla Bichler, Mary Partridge, Bill Raschkow, Becky Stanton, Tara Andrews, Kim Blunt and Pauline Boughton. Vern Zunich attended as a guest.
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by vice-chair Carla Bichler at 12:07.
Introductions: Everyone around the table introduced themselves.
Approval of Minutes: Becky moved and Kim seconded that the minutes from June’s meeting be accepted as presented. Motion carried.
Director’s Report:
a. Betty showed us the curtains she is making for Gramma’s Ice Cream Shoppe to go with the “Paint the Fair Pink” theme. There will be pink tablecloths and Betty needs volunteers to put the names of all the volunteers on the tablecloths.
b. National Conference – It was held in D.C. and part of the theme was volunteering across party lines. Lots of good speakers from both sides of the aisle. Now there will be competitive bids for funding RSVP and base number of volunteers will now be 20% lower than in the past.
c. 9/11 project – “Harvest for Seniors” which will help get extra garden produce to seniors to use. The State AARP office is working with RSVP on this project.
d. Fallon and Carter County Grant – Is for $20,000 and those counties are not showing an interest in it so Betty will apply. The due date is September 10, 2013. They like for programs to have a full time director , which is not possible on $20,000. Betty’s hope is she can act as director and hire a volunteer coordinator for the outlying communities.
e. 4-H Clean-up Day – Need people to bake cookies and to work. It is scheduled for August 6 at the 4-H building. Becky, Kim and Carla offered to make cookies and Pauling and Betty will help.
f. Gramma’s Ice Cream Shoppe – Betty sent around the sign-up sheet. Sign-ups are going well.
g. Cleaning – cleaning the fair booth is scheduled for August 14th and 15th at 7:00 a.m. until it gets too hot to work.
Committee Reports:
Governance – Betty’s evaluation. Mary reported on the evaluation. Copy is attached. Overall evaluation very good. 9-9.5 on a 10 point scale.
Volunteer Support – no report
Resource Development – Stories in Stone will be September 29th. Only 60 tickets will be sold at $10.00 a piece. Luci Heller of Luci’s Office will take pictures. Brochure is in a rough form now but will need to be proofed.
Program Development and Community Awareness – No report. Committees have been combined and Days of Service added.

New Business: Bill reported that Spirit Riders need new members. They are down to only 3 and with all the street construction they are really needed. Betty thinks it is an important service but is not sure it fits within the new guidelines.

Old Business: None

Meeting Adjourned 12:50

There is no meeting in August. The next meeting will be September 18.