December 16, 2017

June Meeting Minutes

JUNE 5, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Vice-chair Mike Bissell at 12:05 pm.

Present: Mike Bissell, Al Olson, Linda Albert, Carla Bichler, Mary Partridge, Pauline Boughton, Becky Stanton, Pat Conley, Gail Price and Betty Vail, director.
Excused: Kim Blunt, Bill Raschkow, ,Lorretta Rebsom, Sunnie Shea

Pauline moved and Becky seconded the motion to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

Directors Report:

  • Betty has two possible narrators for the Stories in Stone.
  • Betty went to the ‘Meet and Greet” in Billings. Dr Tan was the featured speaker. Betty was the only RSVP director at the workshop.

State Meeting:

  • Focus Areas—make workstation applications; re-do all MOU’s and Volunteer
  • Job Descriptions between January 2014 and November 2014.
  • We can not use the value of food donated at Fund Raisers as In Kind
  • donations. Only the hours worked can be used.
  • Awards for volunteer hours must have made an impression on volunteers as several have called in to make sure their hours have been recorded.
  • Betty received $1500 in additional funds to provide training and technical assistance in writing grants. Starting with the December 2014 grant we will be competing with other RSVP’s nationwide for funding. If we are chosen the grant will be for 2015.
  • Betty will present the RSVP budget to the City Council on June 14th at 6:00 pm.
  • AmericaCorps volunteers are in Miles City from June 5th -21st. They are staying in tents located at the Fairgrounds. We have been asked if we would be willing to bake goodies and take out to them. Gail, Pat and Carla will do that.
  • Betty will be out of the office from June 16th to June 27th. She will be attending the National Conference on Volunteering and then visiting family.

There were no committee reports. The Resource Development committee will meet June 12th at noon.

New Business:

  • Sunnie Shea’s letter of resignation was read and accepted with regret. Applications for new Advisory Council members were reviewed . Mary moved and Becky seconded a motion to approve Tara Andrews, Muriel Rost, Kristi Celander and Lynn Winslow for three year terms. Motion passed.
  • We discussed Volunteer Appreciation Day and decided on the first Wednesday in May 2014. Betty will see if we can use the Range Riders Museum facilities.
  • Pat nominated Linda for Chair and Carla seconded. Al nominated Carla for Vice-chair and Pat seconded. Pat nominated Gail for Secretary and Mike seconded. There being no further nominations Mary called for an acclimation of the candidates and Pauline seconded. Motion carried.
  • End of the quarter report was reviewed along with the City Of Miles City RSVP Report.

Both are attached to the minutes in the official minute book.

Becky moved and Linda seconded a motion to adjourn. Motion carried at 12:56 pm.

Next meeting will be Wednesday July 17th at 12:05 in the 1st Interstate Bank-Basement.

Respectfully submitted,
Gail Price, secretary