October 18, 2019

MDSP Award Winner News Release

March 12, 2012 For immediate release

Contact:  Betty Vail, RSVP Director 

Receives National Award to Support Diabetes Screening Activities for Seniors in Southeastern Montana

Outstanding Proposal Recognized with $2,092.00

by the Medicare Diabetes Screening Project

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, sponsored by the City of Miles City, announced today that it has received a competitive award of $2,092 to be used for increasing awareness of the benefits for screening for diabetes and pre-diabetes that  are offered by Medicare. RSVP was one of fifteen Senior Corps programs across the United States to receive an award from the Medicare Diabetes Screening Project (MDSP), a national coalition of patient, nonprofit organizations, and corporate partners, which is leading the way in encouraging seniors to improve their health by getting checked for diabetes.

“We are thrilled to receive this award from the MDSP because it allows us to increase our outreach to seniors in southeastern Montana through the service of Senior Corps volunteers,” said Betty Vail.  “Increasing awareness of diabetes and the need for appropriate screening is in line with our mission and nicely complements other disease prevention and health promotion activities already underway.”

RSVP plans to use the $2,090 grant to present information to increase awareness of the benefits for screening diabetes and pre-diabetes at health fairs and senior centers throughout southeastern Montana.

“We were delighted to recognize the outstanding proposal submitted by RSVP,” said Jay Hedlund, national director of the MDSP.  “We look forward to the successful implementation of their activities and most important, to a positive impact for seniors on awareness and use of the diabetes screening benefits that Medicare offers.”

Beginning in 2005, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) began offering coverage under Medicare for screening for diabetes and pre-diabetes. The government’s goal was twofold: to encourage diabetes prevention among those found to have pre-diabetes, and to identify people who were unaware they already had diabetes so that they could begin treatment and potentially stave off the serious complications of the disease.

The Medicare Diabetes Screening Project is designed to help improve the lives of seniors ages 65 and older by educating them about the diabetes screening benefits offered by Medicare and encouraging them to ask their health care providers about getting screened during their next office visit.  Founded in 2006, the MDSP is comprised of a coalition of more than 20 national organizations, co-led by the American Diabetes Association, the Healthcare Leadership Council, and Novo Nordisk. More information and materials for public awareness are available at www.screenfordiabetes.org