January 21, 2020

Photo Gallery

2019 Volunteer Appreciation event

Photos taken at the 2019 Volunteer Appreciation event

Soup Supper 2018

The 2018 Soup Supper photos

Photos taken in 2017

Here are some photos we took at various events in 2017

2014 Event Gallery

These photos were taken throughout 2014 at several of our RSVP events.

Main Gallery

A nice grouping of photos taken over the past several years.

Stories In Stone

On September 29, 2013, participants listened to stories about Custer County Cemetery ‘celebrities, such as the Medal of Honor winners, Nigro Brothers, and learned about the symbolism of headstones, all while enjoying a horse drawn wagon ride through the fall foliage.

Volunteer Appreciation Lunch 2015

Photos taken at the Volunteer Appreciation Lunch 2015

Open House 2013

Photos taken at the Volunteer "Holiday" Open House 2013.

Head Start Hat Giveaway

Photos taken during the 2013 Head Start Hat Giveaway. Lee Dykes, Juanita Stinson, Ingeborg Howard, and Jessie Leidholt gave away hats to all Head Start students.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2013

Photos taken at the 2013 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Fam-Fest 2013

2013 Adopt-A-Spot

Photos taken at the 2013 Adopt-A-Spot clean-up event

Volunteer Appreciation 2012

Photos taken at the 2012 Volunteer Appreciation event

2011 Brunch

Photos taken at the 2011 Brunch

2009 Recognition

Photos taken at the 2009 Recognition Dinner

2009 Chili Cookoff

Photos taken at the 2009 Chili CookOff

Yak Trak Giveaway

Photos taken at the Yak Trak Giveaway