December 16, 2017

September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Advisory Council Meeting – 9/28 2016

Present:  Mary Partridge, Al Olson, Betty Vail, Cindy Erickson, Lori Berry, Becky Stanton, Delores Cameron, Tara Andrews, Andi Gardner

It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes as presented.

Committee Reports:

Resource Development:  RSVP will be hosting a jewelry fundraiser on Saturday Oct 15th at the Art Center from 10am-1pm.  The cost to attend will be $5/ person with finger foods and punch served.  Consignments were discussed.  The resource committee will meet again on September 29th at noon in Betty’s office to finish pricing and discuss food. Set up will begin Friday Oct 14th @ 10:00 and the sale on Saturday.

Governance: Committee is reviewing by-laws and they will set up the next meeting soon.

Days of Service: Harvest for Seniors was on 9/10/2016.  Becky Stanton did an awesome job. 60 bags were filled with 770 pounds of produce.  Left overs were given to seniors at the senior center.  We also received some cash donations that will be added to next year’s harvest.  Tara has a scale to use for next year.

Volunteer Support: Holiday Luncheon is scheduled for Dec 16th. The luncheon will be at the Sleep Inn at noon.   A planning meeting is scheduled for Nov 7th on 4th floor at the VA.  Sand bottles will be given as gifts.

Old Business: Adopt a Spot will be Oct 7 and Oct 8th from the Veterans Cemetery to Friendship Villa.  Gramma’s Ice Cream results are attached.

New Business: We did some brainstorming for advertising the work of RSVP. 

Directors Report:  No meeting in October.  Next meeting will be November 16th.  List of events was presented.  There is a need for table cloths for the BLING sale.  Volunteer Report was discussed.  The volunteers needed in the focus areas is changing.  $3500 one-time augmentation funding was used for computer and training needed for the FY17.  Letter was sent to Volunteer stations re: appropriate vs inappropriate volunteer activities.  SNAP program meetings were scheduled and attended.

Mary adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted

Andi Gardner