December 16, 2017

September Meeting Minutes


September 18, 2013

First Interstate Bank

Attending: Betty Vail, Carla Bichler, Mary Partridge, Bill Raschkow, Becky Stanton, Pat Conley, Gail Price, Linda Albert, and Muriel Rost.

The meeting was called to order by chair Linda Albert at 12:05 pm.

Approval of the Minutes: Gail moved and Mary and Bill seconded to approve July’s minutes as corrected.  Motion carried.

Directors Report:   Betty discussed funding.  We have seven months to show a $13,347 match.  Betty feels we will be able to make the match.

Ticket sales for Stories in Stone have gone very well.   As of today we have 16 left to sell.

The Fallon/Carter County grant was submitted 9/4 for $20684.00.  We will hear in February if we receive it.  Betty has a copy in her office if anyone wants to read it.

We discussed the Community Awareness Plan.  There are only two months that RSVP doesn’t have any community events planned.  Ideas for filling those two months and changing some activities were discussed.

The VA asbestos abatement will start soon. It could take 3-4 months.  After the third floor is done RSVP and Weight Watchers will move to the third floor.

Betty discussed the results of her evaluation.  She scored a 9.5 out of 10.  See attachment.

See attached letter that Betty wrote to the St Vincent DePaul board of directors.

See attached Budget Narrative presented to the City of Miles City. Committee Reports:  Governance committee will set up a time to review the by-laws.

Volunteer Support:  The Holiday Open House will be held December 18.

Resource Development: Grandma’s Ice Cream Shoppe cleared $2,552.75.  See attachment.

Stories in Stone is on track with just few tickets left to sell.  A trial run will be September 28.

Holy Rosary Extended Care residents will have the opportunity to participate. The raffle ticket fundraiser will be replaced with Stories in Stone.  Newsletter ads will remain at the same price.

Program Development/Community Awareness:  The 9/11 garden produce distribution was well received.   425 pounds were delivered to senior citizens.

New Business:  Fall Clean Up will be October 19th at 10:00 am.  We will meet in the Friendship Villa parking lot.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:15 pm.

Upcoming: Portland Conference 10-21-24.  Open House December 18


Wednesday October 16, 2013 12:05 1st Interstate Bank-Basement

Respectfully submitted, Gail Price, secretary